2013.06.22 - 06:42PM
: Doomsday Dimensions

This is so cute and funny and just
awesome! :D

2012.02.23 - 03:58PM
: Doomsday Dimensions

One word: fantastic! Read the whole series, love it!

2007.12.11 - 01:37AM
: Doomsday Dimensions

So good it should be official, and until disproven it is part of my personal cannon.

2007.03.27 - 03:50AM
: Doomsday Dimensions

Wow! You had a similar sort of idea to me...great minds think alike!

2007.02.01 - 04:56PM
: Doomsday Dimensions

A fantastic series to read! Humor, drama and enough action to keep anyone reading!