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secooper872011.10.09 - 03:45PM: All Cake and No ClothesSigned
Love these! Does my cake story count?

Author's Response: Thanks! And of course! Sorry, I have not been by DbyA in a while or I would have picked up on its existence sooner.

embarrassed2010.06.17 - 09:21PM: All Cake and No ClothesSigned
I just wanted to say, CAKE FIC RULES!
Everyone must read at least one cake fic in their lifetime. :D

Author's Response: Heh, yes indeed!! I\'d add that everyone should also WRITE one, too. :-)

Magnus Greel2009.10.09 - 09:05PM: All Cake and No ClothesSigned
Just remember, absolute power corrupts.... now what crazy theme can I make up, to collect a lot of random stories by unsuspecting authors into?

Author's Response: Well, actually, Teaspoon allows you to just think up anything and then steal stories. I hope you won\'t, but this seems to be the case!

Primsong2009.08.30 - 12:53AM: All Cake and No ClothesSigned
Hoorah - you found a way to gather all the cake into one pile!

Author's Response: Yes, I did. And it\'s marvellous - what Clocket said was true (of course)! I can take anybody\'s fic at all on Teaspoon and put it our cake series. It\'s crazy!

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