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2011.01.11 - 02:37PM
: Deal

Oh. I should read it before I post something. I hope you don't mind the typos but I wanted to make clear it's not pressure to read your stories at all. Pleasure is the word. Yeah. Sorry. And the scewed up symbols were supposed to be smiley faces :-)

Author's Response: LOL, don\'t worry about it. :)

2011.01.11 - 02:34PM
: Deal

I've been reading through this series since Christmas so I thought I'd let you know how wonderful I think it is. :-)
I really love the way you write. Your characters are just spot on. I love how Jack isn't just "shag, shag, shag" how he is quite commonly written (Though he is, of course, but he also got OTHER qualities as well) The 51th century attitude to sex you explored in the “Healing pains” just seemed so very right. Sex is just not an issue for Jack. I also love how you deal with his past and the psychological scars it left him with without killing him with angst. 
I have a soft spot for the „deal“story, right on the beginning when Jack was so insecure about his place on the Tardis.
I also really like “your” Rose. She’s strong, but not so mature that it would seem unrealistic for her age. And the Doctor. I love that you made him well … alien yet caring and you made sure he also got he’s insecurities though he is so strong and dominant, someone that could be feared.
I have a thing for hurt/comfort /as you probably could guess since you write it. X-D/ There are different kind of it though and your “hurting characters” part never went so far to make me really uncomfortable as it sometimes does. But that tell more about me, I suppose since you make them go through a lot sometimes  But it’s not only pressure to read your stories for the delicious comfort but for the plot and characters and the sheer fun of it as well for which I want to thank you.
And I look forward to reading more! I should have, looking back, probably comment on each story separately because I forgot half of what I wanted to say. Sorry! :P Have a nice day and go somewhere inspiring! :P /ulterior motive here/

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad you enjoy the series, and especially that you feel \"my\" versions of the characters work. :) And yes, it always annoys me when Jack is portrayed as a sex-maniac. He\'s not. He\'s open and uninhibited about it, and there\'s nothing wrong with that. :) Yes, there will definitely be more in this \'verse.

2010.12.19 - 11:53AM
: Deal

I really like this series. Jack and the Doctor belong together, and you really do their relationship justice. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I agree, they\'re made for each other--even if it\'s not always easy.

2010.09.12 - 11:17AM
: Deal

I absolutely love this series. All the stories are fantastically written: you've really taken the reader on the emotional journey with the characters...and had me in tears in the process.
Brilliant - loved it!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :) I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the series. (The next installment will be posted soon - probably within a week.) Thanks for reviewing!

2009.08.11 - 12:42PM
: Deal

A very good story!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)