Reviews For Both

2013.06.15 - 04:02PM
: Both

Epic. Soul-wrenching. Thank you for a great read!

2010.03.10 - 05:07PM
: Both

First off, I want to tell you you're a wonderful writer, very talented. Secondly ... I read this series a few weeks ago, and I'm STILL depressed. Sigh. I'm not sure I quite buy Rose's actions, though this is an older version of the Rose we know, so I can go with it. And I like the idea that they've sort of come into this relationship in the middle, and have to go back and start at the beginning.

But the beginning they start with is Rose's guilt. While the Doctor is going out and establishing a life for himself, Rose is left at home being depressed, with nothing except him. It's all about her trying to earn his forgiveness (and yes, she needs to) but ... I just can't see this ever being a really happy relationship.

Write another and make it better? (Sniffles.)

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m sorry that this has left you depressed. This is one of the most difficult stories I\'ve ever written. And I agree, Rose is a little OC here, but she\'s been through a lot and is confused. I\'m not sure if you\'ve noticed, but there is a sequel, Mending, and a couple of stories that go along with that one.

2009.03.03 - 03:19AM
: Both

I really feel that this series deserves a review as well as the individual stories!!!
It is just absolutely fantastic. Well worth a read, and then a second, and a third and so on......

Author's Response: Thank you so much for supporting this series. I\'m glad you find it worthy of such high praise. :)