Reviews For Blind and Bound

2014.08.23 - 09:03PM
: Blind and Bound

First off you are evil. For starting a story that is this good and just abandoning it..... so we will never know if Rose is truly mental or if Santiago and Brons are evil weapons people and why she keeps seeing an imaginary Doctor. ... Aargh. I know it's been a long time but if you could just fill in the plot holes that would be great! Cheers!

2014.01.16 - 11:38PM
: Blind and Bound

So you're probably long gone from this site, but I just wanted to let you know, in case you pop in, that this fic was amazing. It was beautiful. I had no idea who to believe. You write the unreliable narrator so well--you have to be an established author! You are just brilliant.

I'm sad I'll never know what happened, but I'm so glad i read this fun, scary fic

2009.08.30 - 03:05AM
: Blind and Bound

This is outstanding... but I'm a bit puzzled: it shows as being completed but clearly is not.

Author's Response: Thank you. I\'m glad you enjoyed it. The first story, Discordant, is complete. The series is not. Sorry for the confusion.

2008.12.28 - 10:12PM
: Blind and Bound


I know you haven't even started posting yet but I'm just that excited about it. *G*

And yes, I am a dork. Shaddup and leave me alone.

Author's Response: LOL. You dork. ;) I\'m rather excited as well, I just hope the readers will be. *crosses fingers*