Reviews For Still Me

2017.09.14 - 03:03AM
: Still Me

Late to the party, but I just learned of Teaspoon a few months ago. Please keep writing, I'm starting to work my way through your CV 😁

Author's Response: Bless you... I did start writing again earlier this year, but it seems to have fizzled out a bit again... in fact I submitted a version of this particular story that I had edited and re-duxed a bit, bits of it were bothering me as I wrote it when I first joined The Spoon and have learnt a great deal about things since ( like how to type properly!)... but it was rejected for a minor thing and it disheartened me somewhat... When I get a review out of the blue, it sometimes kicks the muse into action, so you never know! Thanks so much for letting me know you're there, reading me, it STILL MEans a great deal to me X

2009.08.18 - 07:26AM
: Still Me

one of my favorite series :) I love this idea and can't wait to read more

Author's Response: Ah, thanks very much... I loved writing Still Me, it was my first really long one, though I\'m sure if I went back now I would want to beta it myself!!! X

2009.02.26 - 04:23PM
: Still Me

That fic was FANTASTIC! I'm still recovering from chapter 2 I was so made up! xxx :-)

Author's Response: Thankyou very much...this is one of my favourites!! XXX

2008.11.07 - 10:12AM
: Still Me

I thought I would leave a review on the series as a whole, because it is so squeeful it deserves it 8) I love the switch idea, and it does of course mean they can be together now! I wishes for moar nao 8)

Author's Response: Thankyou, so much. There will be more on both, it\'s just that I have so much on the go!!! Thanks for reading and means so much!! XX