Reviews For B.W.

2012.02.09 - 04:53AM
: B.W.

I've read them all and decided to just make my review here, cause they're all so wonderful. Some made me burst out laughing, some caused a manic grin and some were just very endearing.

My compliments to you all!!!

Author's Response: I was very pleased to see that you have read the entire series, although in truth, I would have liked to have known what you thought of some individual ones... I have some I am uber fond of... no matter... just that you read them means a great deal! Thankyou so much!

2009.09.15 - 09:00AM
: B.W.

love this :)

Author's Response: Thanks!!

2008.10.25 - 07:31PM
: B.W.

Okay, so when you go to add storys to your series, abouve the box that shows all your stories there should be something that says 'add other author' then you choose the author you want to add the story as far as i can tell.

Author's Response: Alright...will try it...get writing then!!!

Author's Response: No...there isn\'t any add other author!! I\'ll keep looking!!

Author's Response: Okay...have done it and added your story!! Loved it by the way!!!XX

Author's Response: Beckie...I just read your biop, and I would love it if you read Ditchwater Ditty, there is something in it that might make you smile!!!XXX

2008.10.25 - 12:54PM
: B.W.

I'm loving your series! Is there any chance of me adding one or two to your collection when inspiration hits?

Author's Response: Please do...but there is a but...I don\'t know how to add them!! If you know can you tell sister has done some and we can\'t work it out!!! Thanks!! FrinXX

2008.10.25 - 04:41AM
: B.W.

I love this... just wish I knew how to add my lot onto your series!!! SOM xx

Author's Response: Me too!! Thanks XXX