Reviews For Couples Therapy

2010.06.03 - 02:26PM
: Couples Therapy

I love this series so much. As an old, married woman, I appreciate the honesty with which you approach this topic. What WOULD life be like for Rose and the Doctor if she were immortal and they got the happily-forever-after that so many of us love to read about in fanfic? Hardly anybody explores past that moment of OMG!Awesome! realization, when the Doctor and Rose discover they actually get that "forever" she promised.

This is such an honest picture of how two people who are deeply in love would face the ups and downs of that kind of future. I like that it's not needlessly angsty. This is a very happy ending for them. But at the same time, you reflect the reality of my favorite description of love: "Love is a decision." I like how in the end, the Doctor and Rose will keep choosing each other in lots of little ways and lots of grandiose declarations and scenarios. But the adventure doesn't end with that - it's about the daily living together, and that's what's fascinating here.

You have some brilliant insights into the psyches of both characters, and these insights made me reflective about myself and my own marriage. Well done!

Author's Response: I don\'t normally write responses on Teaspoon because it\'s sort of a weird format for trying to have a conversation with someone, but I did want to thank you because this review totally made my day. I\'m an old (well, not-young) married woman myself, and when I was first prompted to write an AU in which Rose is immortal my initial response was, \"Yikes!\" It\'s not a trope I\'d ever considered writing about before. But I figured if I was going to write such a scenario, I wanted to really think about what it would mean to be in a relationship for that long. And also: porn. So, I\'m very pleased that you liked it, and I am happy that some of my intended themes did come across. Thanks so much for the review!