2010.04.17 - 05:54PM
: Domesticity and Distraction

I do love the Domesticity and Distraction Series and, Please, Please Please finish Daring and Disobedience. That said let me tell you that you write the best 10.5 that I've read so far. As I'm reading I have to keep telling myself that this is 10's clone but he brings 9 so strongly to mind that I can't help but see him there. Can't wait to read more.

2009.03.12 - 01:14AM
: Domesticity and Distraction

Love this. Here the Doctor, is drunk. Poor Rose has to tend to the baby as he wakes her up. And what about poor Jack, and I wonder what that conversation was about, and why was the Doctor gone so long.
Please continue love this...

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, it\'s always a nice boost to have someone new say they are enjoying the story :-) more soon.