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2011.02.02 - 05:09PM
: Days Hence


I really enjoyed the story (actually, I only registered at the website to be able to write this review). Your style, input and understanding of the inner worlds both of Rose and the Doctor are breathtaking. I look forward seeing how their story ends.

morgensteirn, NYC

2008.09.24 - 07:38AM
: Days Hence

I started reading this story today and just couldn't stop. I love it. It's really well written. You show us how a relationship between Rose and 10.5 could work, with them overcoming their problems and being happy together. I really hope that you'll continue this story.

Author's Response: it\'s on its way. thanks for the review!

2008.08.09 - 02:15PM
: Days Hence

Oh! And I forgot to say that I found your fic via a YouTube video... The creator, Seduff, notes that your fic inspired the creatively edited vid:
(if you haven't heard of it yet). Again, thanks so much!

Author's Response: I\'m gobsmacked. Seriously. I checked it out, and it\'s a brilliant piece of editing. Thank you for the heads up. And thank you to seduff, for being awesome. Wow, \'s all I can say. :D

2008.08.09 - 02:10PM
: Days Hence

Just had to say how wonderful this series is. You feed my addiction in a delicious way. The alternate world? You paint it so elegantly. Angst? Sweetly dark, like good chocolate! The Doc's first hand job scene? Stressful, moving and hot! Simply perfect! I await the next chapters with glee!

Author's Response: :D Thank you!