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apainchaud2011.08.07 - 12:44AM: ...And Still....Anonymous
I loved every minute I spent reading this. This was amazing!!!!!! I was so drawn into it lol. Oh how I wish they had sex scenes in Doctor who :)

Your so talented. You got them so in character too! Just awesome, awesome, awesome :)

10timelord4ever2010.11.12 - 01:43PM: ...And Still....Signed
Extraordinary collection of stories. True, sorrowful, descriptive, this series deserves to be recognized as amazing.

Gabby2009.11.10 - 06:56AM: ...And Still....Signed

You’ve been nominated at Words On The Wind!

Per the nomination policy, before your story or stories can be added to the nominees’ page, we have a rule that the nominated author must accept the nomination so we know the author doesn’t mind being nominated.

We have five ways to do this;
- you can accept this specific nomination (and you’ll be nominated for every other one as well)
- you can accept ALL nominations that may come in for you this round
- you can deny ALL nominations that may come in for you this round
- you can accept ALL nominations that EVER come in for you
- you can deny ALL nominations that EVER come in for you

Just let me know, thanks!

Words On The Wind

- Jasmine

Author's Response: Thanks, Jasmine/Gabby *squee* Of course I accept...I\'m so happy to think that someone likes this so much they have nominated it - it was my very first foray into the world of fanfic :)

perception_filter2009.09.09 - 03:05PM: ...And Still....Signed
Love this, thanks. Favourited x

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! They were my very first forays into the world of fanfic...but as you can see, they weren\'t my last *grins* And I\'m still at it...

angelique_anja2009.08.30 - 03:01AM: ...And Still....Signed
I just read all of the stories in this series and wow... It made me want to cry... Lovely work, heading off to find the sequel now! Anja.x

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m so glad you liked them, these were my very first forays into the world of fanfic, and I remember being so worried that they wern\'t good enough after lurking/reading all the fic on this site for so long.

Sarfitb2009.06.22 - 09:23AM: ...And Still....Signed
Just read the first two. Beautiful!! I hope I can do as well expressing the Doctor's emotion as you do!!! But I doubt it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked them.

reewees2009.03.02 - 04:09AM: ...And Still....Signed
I can't believe that I hadn't left a review for this series!
It is absolutely brilliant. I've just re-read it again and had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks love *hugs* This was what started the whole fanfic thing for me...JE just preyed on my mind until I had to do something or go mad with trying to figure everything out. I\'m happy you liked it :)

Vicky Smith2008.09.01 - 11:00AM: ...And Still....Signed
I can't believe I haven't let a review before now... this was one of the first stories I read when I found this site. Absolutely loved it... printed off a copy in my special 'warm feelings' file. Sad, I know. But we all get a little morose sometimes!!

Author's Response: Oh wow! It\'s not sad, it\'s amazing! I can\'t believe someone actually has a paper copy of a story I\'ve written! Thank you, thank you so much, I\'m thrilled! So glad you liked them :D

Laree43552008.07.10 - 12:46PM: ...And Still....Signed
These stories are great! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks - there\'s only nine in this series, but I have started the follow-up to this, called Strangely Human.. a series about the coming years for Human!Doc and Rose. I felt I couldn\'t leave them alone, wanting to play with them a bit more.

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