Reviews For Emotional Baggage

2008.05.11 - 10:00PM
: Emotional Baggage

Because I favourited this series, I just wanted to add a comment here saying how absolutely wonderful these stories are. I'm adoring Donna, and I love the way she talks to the Doctor. She gets him. She's not afraid to take him down a peg or two when he's being pompous, but she also knows when he needs a friend, when he needs to be made to talk and when he needs silent support. I feel, both through the episodes and through these stories, as if I'm watching them fall into a deep, loving, affectionate friendship, and I adore it :)

Thank you for writing these!

Author's Response: I should check my Teaspoon reviews more often - that is so nice. It\'s exactly what I\'m aiming at - loving, affectionate friendship. And, sorry it\'s taken me so long to respond. It only just crossed my mind that people review series as well as individual stories.