Reviews For Incompatible

2014.09.05 - 09:07PM
: Incompatible

One of my favorite stories now! I was looking for a good rose has baby fic, and this was just absolutely brilliant.

2014.08.03 - 08:11AM
: Incompatible

I really enjoyed this series!

2013.01.18 - 01:16AM
: Incompatible

I've avoided reading this since quite a few reviews have mentioned crying, and I'm emotional enough when it comes to Who, but the series seems so beautiful I couldn't resist - and I'm very glad for that. Beautifully written, the series was incredible and the character development was flawless.

2010.01.25 - 05:19PM
: Incompatible

I have very much enjoyed this series and hope to see a continuation of it soon. I've enjoyed the characterizations, the plotting and the unique take on the smut. Lovely work.

2008.09.21 - 01:13PM
: Incompatible

Oh. My God. These post-Doomsday ones are making me cry. And it takes a LOT to make me cry. No movie or show has ever made me cry until I watched Doomsday, and only post-Doomsday stories can do it. Only really powerful ones, at that. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
These are fantastic. :')