Reviews For The Way of Things

2013.06.09 - 07:35AM
: The Way of Things

LOVED this series.
Very well written, you just did a fantastic, fantastic job!!
I so love crossovers when they are done well and that is exactly what this is, you blended the two universes marvelously.
Thank you so much for such a fun story to read!

2010.05.31 - 09:26PM
: The Way of Things

I loved your babyfic. I found this picture on tumbler thought that you might like it, it somewhat goes along with your babyfic.

look at the caption at the top, it needs a little tweeking to fit your story completely, but I thought it was cute.

2009.01.06 - 09:51PM
: The Way of Things

I have just spent 20 of the last 24 hours reading this 'verse. I'm up to 'A Burns Thing' and I have to stop to get some sleep - can't play hookie from school two days running, no matter how much I want to. I wish I had a week to just read and get lost in Peter and Rose. You are a fantastic writer - a good story teller with an excellent sense of character. I'm afraid I'm too sleep deprived to better articulate my love for your work. I just wanted to say thanks before I went to bed. Thank you so much for sharing this.