2010.10.06 - 06:17PM
: Yours, Mine, and Ours

*dies laughing*
*iz ded*

Seriously, this is the best crack!fic.... my kid is laughing at me because I'm laughing so hard.

Author's Response: I really need to write up that \"WARNING: may cause strange looks from innocent bystanders\" label for this thing... ;)

2010.05.20 - 07:02PM
: Yours, Mine, and Ours

I love this series!! Is there going to be any more in the future to come?


Author's Response: Hehe, I made the mistake of signing up for a Big-Bang challenge so that\'s had to take priority for a while just lately, but there IS much more of \"Yours, Mine and... Ours?\" left to tell, never fear... or perhaps fear WOULD be the appropriate response, yeah... ;)

2010.05.20 - 04:41PM
: Yours, Mine, and Ours

Let me put it to you this way - I was reading one of the hard-back, authorized Torchwood novels when I found your story. I stopped reading it to read yours, picked up the book, got confused because I couldn't find the part where Jack realized he was pregnant - the last portion I'd read of your work - and then realized my mistake. Then came to the realization that your story was more coherent, more cohesive, and the characterizations were more true to the broadcast work. I was so disappointed in the "officially licensed" stories after reading Yours, Mine & Ours and In Discord & Rhyme - I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: *dies laughing* And when the CRACK!FICS are better than the tie-ins... ;) ATM I have 16 days left to finish writing a BigBang-style deadline fic I\'m working on, and then I should be free (er) to catch up with the ongoing serials here...

2009.01.10 - 08:11AM
: Yours, Mine, and Ours

So I woke up uninspired today, and decided to put aside the Harry Potter Welsh translation I was planning on continuing and the two fanfics I need to be more inspired to write and just waste this weekend. Then came the "Oh, hold on, there's the gazillion-story multple-chapter series that goes with Journey of the Plague Year I've been meaning to read for a while, I could read it for a bit."

Several hours and stories later into it, I've giggled like mad (and even startled my flatmate by doing so which is always a good thing, trust me), been slightly broken hearted, realise that yes, there can be The-Doctor-Stuck-On-Earth-Working-With-Torchwoof stories that absolutely completely work and are brilliant in any aspect and sort of redeem the entire genre (which, on a somewhat selfish note, means one of the two fanfics I'm planning might not be a complete and utter disaster after all...), and definitely feel like this is a weekend well spent despite the lack of progress in either my Welsh reading or my fanfic writing.

Ah, and ended up writing a forum-post length of a review because I lack the words to say just how brilliant this entire series is.

So, for lack of better words... wahey!

Author's Response: Flatmate-startling is good, Muse can work with that... ;)

2008.04.23 - 12:28AM
: Yours, Mine, and Ours

I noticed that this series doesn't have any reviews for the whole thing. So, I'm leaving the first.

Just read this all in one go, and I have to say, absolutely brilliant. I'm on Vicodin and very little sleep, so maybe I'm finding this more hilarious than I should, but then again they say laughter is the best medicine so I don't see the harm in that. I'm also probably not making much sense. Anyway, love the fic, fabulous, funny, cracktastic, and if this could be canon instead of AU I'd be thrilled.

Author's Response: LOL, yeah, I suspect my Muse is on something a little stronger than Vicodin herself...