Reviews For Aurora, Dancing

2013.09.05 - 12:28AM
: Aurora, Dancing

May I say that this has been the most amazing series I've read! I know that I've commented at the end of each section but, I wanted to take the time to comment on the work as a whole.
A roller coaster ride from start to finish, this series has made me laugh, cry, squirm, orgasm (many times), think, dream, love.
You have created a whole new world for our beloved 9th Doctor, who sadly only had one season with us. You filled in gaps that the writers never had the opportunity to work on, and expounded on your own view of his time with Rose and Jack.
The love scenes were wonderful because they went everywhere, sometimes at the same time, showing them in the throes of love, lust and the most important part of these scenes... Inclusion. I felt more like I was in the room with them, taking part in their dance, rather than watching from the outside.
You show how you (as the author) are enveloped by the art of storytelling. If you aren't already a published author, I suggest to you taking this story (while having to change the names and some of the premise - though very little) and put it out to find a publisher.
Writing erotica takes more than just being able to write a great sex scene. It takes us feeling and "seeing" each person, and feeling invested in the story. You have done that and more.
Thank you so much for emptying out your headcanon to the written "page." I enjoyed being in your world throughout this series...

Suzanne Russo (AKA TheLadyFirenze, TheDoctorMomz)

2011.03.01 - 05:28PM
: Aurora, Dancing

i'm normally not a fan of explicit stories, (AT ALL) but i loved these. you focused on all the emotional aspects as well as the rest, which was the best i've read. probably the best series i've read.

2010.02.09 - 02:55PM
: Aurora, Dancing

I have just read this series and found it to be well written and very enjoyable. I thought the characterizations were very good and would love to see you write the explosive, Jackie finds out the truth scene. Great job all around.

2010.02.06 - 11:46PM
: Aurora, Dancing

I love this series.
I think it's one of my favourites and you have done a wonderful task with the characters. In particular you've made the focus on Jack and Rose and brought the Doctor in as the third- the relationship between Jack and Rose is truly beautiful. I wish there were more stories that had the focus on the relationship development between Jack and Rose. It really was fantastic. And the smut *fanning myself*.

I hope to see more of your work with time and thankyou for piublishing this so I could read it :D

2009.02.04 - 07:03AM
: Aurora, Dancing

Found the first in this series as just a little something to read, then got caught up in it. Now it's five in the morning and I'm having a hard time regretting staying up all night reading it. Wow. Amazing job with all of it. Thank you.