2014.01.16 - 12:20AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I do like this series. I like how you show their relationship development and how Jack and the Doctor, who have pretty harsh life, find comfort in each other.

2012.03.22 - 05:51AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I just love this series. Your Jack & 10 are so gorgeous together, and you write it so well.

2011.07.30 - 06:32PM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

Oh! This was such a great series that really deserves to be continued! It needs a proper ending and was just too beautiful not to finish!

2009.04.27 - 02:13AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I've just joined, solely to be able to tell you how much I enjoyed this series. I've only just discovered fan-fic, despite being a long-time Dr. Who fan, so am quite excited by the massive number of stories. And this was great. Beautiful writing, too. I know spelling, grammar and syntax are sneered at a bit, but it makes a good work better when you don't have to decode the author's meaning. I like the sense of fun you alllow, I had my partner calling out to know why I was giggling. (I'd told him I was going on-line to find a couple of history data bases I need for my thesis - it was true, but I came across this and got distracted.) Please keep writing, I've just started a PhD and will need entertainment. By the way, I've never seen Torchwood but will now have to buy the DVDs. Look what you've done to me!

2009.04.11 - 03:30PM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

What an awesome AU series! I devoured it over the past few weeks. Actually, I created an account just to leave you a review! XD
Was it ever continued? The last part was posted quite a while ago so you may have abandonned the project. Anyway, it was a great reading. I'll keep an eye on your account just in case!

2009.04.06 - 01:52PM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

Pliiiiiiiizzzzzz wright some more!!!!! :)

2008.12.03 - 08:46AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I'm not normally into slash, but these were fantastic stories and well written.

Also I have a soft spot for Ten and Jack, They need each other ;o)

2008.11.25 - 12:54AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I just discovered this series and it is so brilliant. I normaly don't do slash but this is just far to well done for me to care. I'm hoping you're planning to continue this eventualy. I love the way the Doctor changes the dynamics of Torchwood. Well done and please continue!

2008.09.06 - 05:29PM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

I love this series!! plz update soon

2008.08.18 - 06:14AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

This is the best fucking story I've ever read =D I'm not a huge fan of Ten/Jack since Jack/Ianto became practically canon, but you've made me love the pairing all over again =3

Update soon, I want to


2008.08.16 - 07:16AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

love this series hope u plan 2 continue.

2008.08.05 - 10:10AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

Hi! Just joined here to let you know how much I'm loving this series and can't wait for more. I especially love Jack/Doctor fic, so all the better. I'm more of a Who fan than Torchwood, but I did see most of series 2 and your stories are by far better than aything seen on TV.

Have added this to my favourites (my first ever) I'm enjoying it so much. Keep up the great work and can't wait for more.

2008.07.28 - 02:36PM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

loving the whole series
you write really well also jack/ ten which is a big plus
i sometimes enjoy your stories more then the episodes :)
keep up the good work

2008.04.07 - 12:07AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

Wonderful idea...Your stories often run a week ahead of when I watch Torchwood, so it's fun to see what happens without the Doctor.

An absolutely brilliant series, keep up the excellent work.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m worried I\'m terribly behind now.

2008.02.12 - 08:14AM
: Stuck on the Slow Path

Just want to tell you I love this series very much! I read all the chapters so far in the last few days and canít wait to see the new chapter. To be honest I like the AU stories you created more than the real Torchwood eps. Please please keep on your great work. Really looking forward to updates!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Whenever TW\'s on I sit there with a notepad planning out my fic, sometimes I actually miss bits because I\'m so busy writing!