Reviews For The Peril-verse

2011.12.02 - 09:02PM
: The Peril-verse

I read this in its entirety all in one sitting. There aren't adjectives big enough to say how well crafted and enthralling this AU is, so I wont even try. Will say that this is a new favourite of mine, and I adore what you did... this is up to and including Rose's time with the monks. Excellent use of realism, there. I also like your solution of their disparate length of life... Bloody ingenious, and completely fantastic.

In short: Well Done!

Also... will there be more to this series? *hopeful look*

Author's Response: Your review has absolutely made my day, so thank you! I don\'t THINK I\'ll continue it, since I doubt too many people remember my little Peril-verse, but maybe one day I\'ll get around to penning that adventurefic I had planned for it.