2016.02.05 - 09:05AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

Spent the last few days binge reading this whole series and absolutely loved it!! Great writing - the Davrians story gave me a near anxiety attack! LOL. Loved it all...thanks so much!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and took the time to review. Many thanks.

2014.10.15 - 01:23PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

Oh man, I just spent the last several days plowing through this entire series. Such fantastic writing. I will admit, I was starting to wonder why you made Rose such a death magnet, but you always made it work out in the end. (I'll forgive you.) I loved how you wrote the interactions between Jackie and the Doctor -- they always made me laugh and tear up, and I think your writing of Jackie is some of the best I've read. Thanks for the lovely filler stories and for a much approved fix-it. I'd love to read more from this verse -- does it continue?

Author's Response: Thank you! I can\'t help the jeopardy, it sort of happens... what can i say, I love the angst and the make up afterwards ;-) No more stories planned at the moment, but never say never. Thank you for taking the time to review :-)

2013.12.16 - 10:06AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I'm not sure if I've reviewed in the individual chapters as it's been a while since I read them, but I just wanted to let you know that as I read stories from other authors, I keep coming back to this series and your stories as my hands-down favorites. The ideas are unique, the steamy bits are well-written and absolutely delicious, and the characters are believable. I honestly wish other writers shared your talent for bringing the best out in the characters while still maintaining their general attitudes and way of being. Thank you for being such an amazing writer!

Author's Response: Gosh! Thank you very much - for reading and for kindly taking the time to let me know you are enjoying my stories. Xxx

2012.11.30 - 06:33PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I was going to go through each story and review but I thought that would be too much for me and probably for you too cause I'm pretty much going to add all your stories to my fave list.

This series was epic. It was funny, sweet, sexy, heartbreaking, absolutely everything that a Doctor and Rose story should be. I am in love with it and it will be one I will come back to when I'm feeling down.

Absolutely beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I\'m so glad you read and enjoyed and hope you got the same pleasure from reading as I did from writing. :-)

2012.06.24 - 08:59AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I spent this week going through this series and I loved it - they were brilliantly written. Because I am sappy, my favorites were the ones on the Greek world and The Doctor & Rose's journey to god-dom. (is that a word??) I did have to just laugh after awhile though, poor Rose reminded me of South Park's Kenny. I would open a story and take bets in my own mind about how she would die in this one. Its a bit sadistic that I liked it so much though! Anyway - thanks for writing! You have a brilliant style and craft a wicked good story.

Author's Response: Thank you! Who killed Rose? makes a good strap line ;-)

2012.05.11 - 03:58PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I loved the series for this! Will you write any more for the rest of the seasons?

Author's Response: Sigh - very good question. I am in denial about Martha, but loved Donna... never say never, I guess...

2011.10.03 - 09:03PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I just wanted to say that this series has been the best fanfiction I've ever read. You completely have down the characters. I feel like you must of secretly have been a writer for the show! haha

Author's Response: I wish! But thank you! *hugs*

2009.06.06 - 10:41AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I read "Perchance" last night and woke early to read "Thick Man's Blood" and finally realized that there's a whole series to catch myself up on. I thank you for your prolific writing and also for your introspection, for your writing skill, for your choice of themes, etc etc. I will go back and review the stories separately, pace myself a bit and really absorb these. But for now, I'll give a blanket "THANK YOU" to you!

Author's Response: Thanks!! Squeeeeeeee!

2008.12.19 - 03:11PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

Ah, you have no idea how much I love fics like these.

Recently I've had this fondness for fics where Rose is in terrible danger (preferably life threatning) and the Doctor is a total emotional wreck because of it (I'm awful, I know -grins evily-) And this gets it PERFECTLY!

I love it.

Well-written, some incredible plots, and a the relationship between Rose and the Doctor... well, it's absolutely, heart-renchingly beautiful. Seeing the Doctor so attatched to Rose is wonderful.

You should be so proud. This is amazing.

I wish I could write like you.


Author's Response: Gosh! Well, thank you!!!!! I have a strange addiction for \"Rose is life-threatening peril\" because it does such lovely things to the Doctor. I am sick and need help - but at least others find pleasure in my illness while I seek a cure ;-)

2008.12.08 - 11:55AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

By the time I've nearly read everything you've been releasing so far - and I am overwhelmed by your style of writing! Especially the The-In-Between-The-Journeys-Series touched my heart, and I can't wait for you to continue!!! (Although I've read only the Ten-Stories so far, 'cause I missed the first season.... But I ordered it on amazon just yesterday, so I can go on with your surely fabulous stories about Nine!!!!)

Author's Response: Thank you :-D

2008.04.18 - 09:20PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

Any chance could beg for more Nine? You write him "fantastically."

Author's Response: A Nine, Rose and Jack story is up next :-)

2008.04.13 - 07:43PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

I just ADORE this series!

Author's Response: Thank you :-D

2008.02.19 - 01:39AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

*sigh* First Canis Lupis, now this. I'm never going to get any sleep again if I keep finding good stories to read instead. Oh well, who needs sleep?

Well I've read through The Persephone Problem, the first chapter of Acquaintance With the Night (looking forward to more of that one. I love Nine), all of Perchance to Die, and so far I'm on chapter 3 of Thick Man's Blood With Cold (Rabbits. Ha!)

I've really enjoyed all of this series so far. I'm bad at remembering to review individual stories, let alone chapters, especially when I'm reading a lot of them at once. So I thought I should just drop a review saying I'm reading and I like it. And if you don't hear from me again, it probably means I'm still reading and still enjoying it, I was just too inconsiderate or forgetful to review again.

I'm loving this series, but if you do a post-Doomsday story in it (or at least the way Doomsday happened in canon), I think I'll cry even more than I did watching the episode itself. You've done so much more to explore the Doctor and Rose's relationship.

Author's Response: Thank you - good to know you are reading - it\'s what I write for :-) I\'ll do a post-Doomsday eventually - when I can face it!! Hugs for bothering to review - I appreciate it :-)

2007.12.25 - 01:34AM
: Journeys In The In-Between

This is a wonderfully written series. As satisfying as an actual episode, with the addition of wonderfully introspective moments. My favorite is "The Persephone Problem" but they're all great.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing!

2007.12.17 - 05:03PM
: Journeys In The In-Between

Since I reviewed your Canis Lupus series, I felt duty-bound to review this one too :D

'The Persephone Problem' is a wonderful ongoing fic, and I can't wait to see the outcome! *dances excitedly*
'Perchance to Die' and 'Thick Man's Blood With Cold' brought me much joy to read, and I hope as much joy to you, lostwolf, to write.

Just wish I could write something of this high calibre myself! xD
*throws edible confetti and cookies*

Author's Response: Love you!!!!!!! *Eats edible confetti and cookie and sends you a banana* :-)