Reviews For The Road to Shalka

2010.10.20 - 03:12PM
: The Road to Shalka

I'm one of those people Clocketpatch mentioned reccing this piece to. I cannot tell you how glad I am she did. I am on "Back from the Dead" and haven't regretted a single bit of it from the beginning. Thanks so much for posting this fine piece of work here. I cannot tell you how much it has brightened my week

2009.05.01 - 10:52PM
: The Road to Shalka

I've read this several times since the Calufraz rec, and re-rec'd it myself to several people. It's amazing. Really. You should be proud.

2008.02.15 - 09:06AM
: The Road to Shalka

Just had the pleasure of reccing this over at calufrax. It is my firm (and probably biased, yes) opinion that everyone should read it, because it is awesome. Action, adventure, drama, life and death and family and heroes and villains, and it doesn't even matter if you don't know Scream of the Shalka or haven't heard of the webcast 9th Doctor before, because this whole series is so much Doctor Who that you will recognize it (and him!) instantly. Kudos!

Author's Response: Oh wow... I thought I\'d heard the last of these stories! Thanks Eve :-)