Reviews For Canis lupus

2012.08.16 - 06:01PM
: Canis lupus

I've read a few of your series now, and I love the plots; they're well thought-out and well written. However, grammar and spelling mistakes and typos abound-- these could use proofreading.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'ve enjoyed the stories - I\'m sorry you feel there are a lot of errors. They\'ve been proofread, although some errors always slip through, when pointed out they are corrected (unless the objection is to British spelling or language use, since I am a Brit).

2009.01.18 - 08:04AM
: Canis lupus

I do love the Canis-Lupus-Series as much as the Journeys-In-The-In-Between-Series!!! I'll never grow tired of your stories. Please, keep on spending time on writing them.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I\'ll do my best :-D

2007.11.11 - 06:53AM
: Canis lupus

Very, very, very good series - a recommeneded read for everyone!

Author's Response: Oo - my first series review! Thank you! And thanks for recommending it! *Hugs you and bounces about excitedly* :-D