TheOneWhoIsMany (June)

Member since: 2009.07.17

Okay... Ummm...
*does the Rimmer-salute*

You found the incredibly fantastic elastic non-interesting Whofic profile of the June XD

I am the typical random lurker who stays right behind you in the dark, gazing over your shoulder staring at yor work XD

My RL name is Ina, I live in a city called Dortmund and in daily life I\'m a regular student.
Well, sorta regular - I\'m a little bit of a hyperactive horny psychopath ^^
Ummm.... WHAT in the name of all gods MAY have brought me here?
Oh yes! I remember - maybe it\'s because I\'m one of this so-called DW/TW - fans XD
(Maybe you heared of this fraction yourself ^^)

Usually my own work is rather drawing than writing, but now and then..... (^___^)
I nevertheless LOVE reading stuffage and stalking around ^^

*on ur profile, eating your storiez*

\\m/_ (-_-) YAY!