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I sometimes secretly write silly little fan-stories in my spare time, but never post them out of embarrassment. Recently I started getting heavily into Doctor Who, and have accumulated a small stockpile of random little stores that I\'ve kept all to myself.

So I created this anonymous account, unrelated to any of my other internet personas, in an attempt to get myself a little out of my shell, possibly better my writing style, and share some of my ideas with other like-minded Who fans. I will post WHATEVER I write here. This is a promise to myself. If I jot down a 150-word drabble, it\'s going here. It might prove to be painful, it might annoy people, I might have a meltdown and delete the account altogether, but at least I\'ll have done something with these files besides letting them rot on my hard drive. And hopefully learn to loosen up a little.

That said, please enjoy anything I post here! And don\'t hesitate to comment and tell me what could be done better, or if you like or don\'t like something. It\'s all in the name of therapy. :)