Padfootrawr (Laura-Rose)

Member since: 2008.12.02

Just joined College. Doing Art, Photography, Computing and Media Studies. Yep \'m a creative nerdy dork thing :3
I\'m enjoying them so far! And is looking forward to her motorbike riding lessons! I\'ve even stepped up to do Duke.Of.Edinburgh. Goodness knows i need the fitness!
I have the greatest friends, and they rawk my world.

Loves: Wolves, Liquid Eyeliner, Her Friends && Family, Motorbikes, Fantasy tales, Heroes, Doctor Who, Disney, Coffee, Kingdom Hearts, Top Gear, Final Fantasy VII, Blue, Pirates, Nobodys, Her Tablet, Jelly Beans, Sims 2, Becky Hayy\'s Dads Cooking!Yumm, Dark Chocolate.
Hates: Prejudism and Steriotypes, Arguments, Being bored, Mornings, Maths, Heights, Needles, Clowns, Her hair Short, Being Quiet, Braces, Her Glasses.