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As everyone else on this website, HUGE fan of Doctor Who, and long time fan of fanfiction (they\'re like the episodes that keep you going between episodes!). Sooooo, what a perfect mix!


I\'m a 19 year old Graphic Design student from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (a sad mining city where few have even HEARD of Doctor Who... how pathetic is THAT??). As a result, the only way for me to get my DW fixes are illegal downloads of the eps. (I know! I\'m sorry... sorta.) since I have NO idea when they broadcast here, and I\'m sure they\'d be late anyway.

I\'m totally in love with Nine, but Ten has a special place in my heart labeled \"Sexy Nerds/Amazing Actors\" (it\'s a weird category, but he just FITS).

I\'ve loved everything I\'ve seen Christopher and David in other than DW (though I might have been just a LITTLE biased at that point :P).

I wish I lived in the UK just so I could be around people whom I could TALK to about it! Someone to get all the in-jokes and references. I HAVE been getting all my friends to watch it lately, though, so soon...

It was funny actually, I was just blabbing on about it as usual and they asked to see an episode. We watched \'Rose\' then they asked for another.... we ended up watching the entire first 2 seasons that weekend. I was so happy!!! XD

Anyway, again...

I\'m a willing beta for anyone who needs or wants one (I\'m a stickler for grammar and spelling), and not to toot my own horn but I\'d be rather good at it, even though I don\'t write much. I prefer editing because I never have the time or patience to actually finish something I\'ve started. I used to write years ago, but I haven\'t since. I always catch the missed errors in fics though, and they BOTHER ME!

ALSO, please feel free to contact me for that and for ANY ARTWORK you want done (see above banner as example)! You can see samples of my work for other authors at my LiveJournal (which I\'ve just recently started, so it\'s still limited, but I\'m updating all the time):

See all my fan current fan art work at my LiveJournal page.

I do...

  • banners
  • posters
  • icon
  • logos
  • image manipulation
  • wallpapers
  • photography

... pretty much anything you can think of, I can probably do it. Just ask! I\'m happy to do so, especially if I like your work. Most of my work is random: I\'ll send it off to the author it\'s for as a gift... I like making people\'s days better, so it\'s perfect!



Current favourite author: ThroughanAmberFocus

Current favourite story/series: Better With You (series)


Golden Midnight by mitashade [Reviews - 5]
As the Doctor kneels helpless on the cabin floor, a certain ally is fast approaching. Unfortunately for the passengers of the Crusader shuttle, she is not amused.

Characters: Rose Tyler
Series: None

  • Published: 2009.02.24
  • Updated: 2009.02.24
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 1803