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Hi, I\'m GracieLizzy. I\'ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was little (I was 4 when it was cancelled in 1989), I\'m more knowledge able about the 2005 series than the earlier series though. My Favourite Doctors are, 4 and 9 (yeah, not very original am I?) but I have a fondness for 8 even if the movie was \"meh\" and I used to dislike 6, but now I kinda feel sorry for him in some ways.

I also like, anime & manga (especially magical girl shows like Sailormoon) and I like a lot of Sci-Fi and some fantasy shows, movies, and books (I love Star Trek, I like Star Wars a lot, I love Buffy and Angel and I am a Harry Potter fan - I am also fairly fond of the Chronicles of Narnia dispite their short-comings in places. I\'m a long time Roald Dahl fan too).

I have a LiveJournal account, my ID there is also GracieLizzy.


Fads - A Doctor Who My Hero Crossover by GracieLizzy [Reviews - 4]
A shorty that I originally posted in the Crossover Crazyquilt, I am reposting it stand-alone just in case CC gets deleted if someone contravenes the new rules. The Doctor has a discussion with George Sunday, contains an SJA nod.

Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None

  • Published: 2007.03.10
  • Updated: 2007.03.10
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 1139