C0RGIBUMM (Marley)

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Name: Marley.
Age: Seventeen.
Residence: MYOB.
Status: As good as hitched.
Listening to: Lily Allen.

Likes: TimeLords, Starbucks, Acoustic, Dido, Lily Allen, House M.D., LOST, Heath Ledger, Holister, The Twilight Series, The Beach, Sunset, Chocolate, Water, Hair Dye, Hybrid Cars, Going Green, Saving the Planet, Boys, Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, Harry Potter, Captain Jack Sparrow, Vampire Weekend, Cape Cod, Slytherin, Faeries, and Magic.

Dislikes: Politics, George W. Bush, People who Pollute, Twilight Bashers, Haters, Fakes, Stuck up People, School, Waking up Early, Mean People, The colours Red and Blue together, and People who don\'t Believe.


You're All I Have by C0RGIBUMM [Reviews - 1]
"Who the hell are you?" I asked, my voice shrill and shaky. I was so afraid. Not of the man who stood before me, or even his 'TARDIS', but of the reason he felt he so desperately needed to protect me.

Characters: Original Companion
Series: None

  • Published: 2008.08.30
  • Updated: 2008.08.30
  • Chapters: 1
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 642