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There is only one, true Three. No, not \"Jack, Rose and the Doctor\".

Pertwee, of course! Pertwee may not be my first Doctor (I\'m a little too young for that, thanks) but he is definitely ::my:: Doctor. OK, maybe ::one:: of my Doctors. But still, come on, who could not love the Doctor who gave us reversing the polarity of the neutron flow?! Come on now!

At the moment, I\'m here to stalk some of the better writers here with some (hopefully) constructive criticism, but I\'d like to try breaking into the Doctor Who fanfic world with a story set between The War Games and Spearhead from Space. There\'s room there to explore the Secret Agent Man that Pertwee\'s Doctor becomes later on in his run. He\'s working for the Time Lords then, there\'s no reason to think he might not be working for them, even if for one single mission, prior to landing on Earth to start his exile. It just feels like there\'s ::something:: missing there, you know? I\'d love to explore it.