ChemicalAngelx (Lizzy)

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So, Hey Im Lizzy *waves*
Im 13 from rainy,tea infested england.*waves again*

Im Pretty wierd/random/Retardededed.and often write better crap when im hyper than when im sane where nothing makes sense.
I\'ve Only Just Started Writing if its crap Please Tell me Nicely.but mostly i read them.

Okies, So i LOVE watching Doctor who (ive seen some of the older ones,which i really like BTW) and torchwood (TBH im a bit of a trekkie too.LOL) and at times find the three shows conflicting in my head(-which includes them fighting eachother....i dont know why....its rather funny sometimes....i might write them up acctually)

ANYWAYS,I love My Music,, Which Includes my favourites:
-My Chemical Romance
-Fallout boy
They May Possibly fall into my stories.
Im In the middle of writing my FIRST story,so stick with me on this.

Other Characters:
-Angel.(This might get confusing)
So Angel,right. Her real name is Faith.. Kinda.(Hence the first Chapter of Meeting Faith)
Angel is a TimeLady From Galifrey, She\'s younger than The Doctor. i haven\'t quite decided how long yet, Although she\'s most likely around the age of 500...Ish.Anyway, Angel had a twin sister that died when they were 5(explained in another book). Angel was then adopted by another family.She Joined The Alpha. She escaped Galifrey just after The Doctor \'burned\' it.

-The Alpha
The Alpha was a group of the Academy\'s best students, set up by those on Galifrey who believed in change and that galifrey should help not observe.

-I\'ve got my exams coming up, so writing taking longer than expected.
-i can\'t quite get the hang of this
-and i\'ve up\'d my first chapter but it hasn\'t been verified(How long is this going to take!)

anywho,Byeee =]