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Hi there I be voting Saxon for prime minister

Im 137 years old and very lazy, so updates maybe late :D

Im named after a Doctor Who companion (I\'ll give you a clue, she was the longest-serving companion in terms of years on the series) Im not exactly thrilled about it, but it wasn\'t my choice sadly.

I tend to go for unique pairings I guess, ones that aren\'t overly popular, so bare with my crazy shipping, though I have no problem with the norm sometimes.

I loved Ianto from the beginning cause he was so cute, never realized he has some many fan after I logged on to check the fiction. I liked Doctor who when I was little as well, though I did go through a period of hating it because of the annoying hype it got. Im certainly not one of those people who think Rose and the Doctor belong cause the Doctor has quite a few companions and Rose doesn\'t stand out in my opinion. My favorite Doc\'s are 5, 6 and 10.