NeverReallyBeenSure (Emma Juliet Gladwell...)

Member since: 2008.03.05

My name is Never... well my real name is Emma and I have many nickanmes but Never seems to be the main one at the moment.

A few things about my personality.
1. I joke all the time.
2. I can be serious but I prefer to try and make people laugh.
3. When I say things that sound big headed I am usually being sarcastic.
4. If you hear me refer to myself as God then I am actually joking because, if you go back to the cores of the meaning, \'Emma Juliet\' means \'Univeral Father\' and the father of the universe is...?
5. I\'m not a religious person.
6. I hate hypocritical people.
7. I am mental.
8. I love talking, although, I hate the sound of my own voice.
9. I take the piss out of myself a lot but I don\'t like it when other people take the piss out of me.
10. When I call myself fat, just ignore me. It\'s a fact and if I say it enough, I won\'t care when other people do.
11. It takes a hell of a lot to really piss me off, although, when I do get pissed off it turns into a very loud, one sided rant with a hell of a lot of swearing.
12. I swear all the fucking time. And I don\'t really care.
13. It takes a hell of a lot to shock me.
14. My favourite TV show EVER is Torchwood... that\'s why I\'m here right?
15. I like to question things and then answer the questions myself...
16. Jack/Ianto is the law.
17. Punishment for breaking this law is death.
19. DEATH!
20. I\'m an obsessive fan girl!
21. I know how Gareth likes his coffee.... what kind of sandwiches he likes, where he lives, where he grew up, how old he was when he lost his virginity, what he is working on, what he is studying, what he believes in, who he has in his family, and some more...
22. That\'s more than I know about myself...
23. Really...
24. I type too fast and too much and it is usually without looking (as I am learning to touch-type) and I make mistakes with spelling and stuff all the time and don\'t usually catch it before it is sent so please don\'t try and correct it as I probably all ready know.
25. I can\'t write for shit although I love reading fan-fics!
26. I\'m running out of things to say.
27. I was lying about number 21.