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Hello, hello, hello my good friends !

My names Sinéad, I'm an Irish girl, a struggling student and well hmmm... a lot of other things too.

The best way to describe me is:

I'm a girl.

I'm a brunette.

I'm a Leo. Rawwwwwwrrrrrrrr!

I'm a very girlie girl.

I love fashion.

I love make-up, clothes, shoes and my ultimate passion... handbags.

I'm Irish, as said above. If anyone reading this is Irish do drop me a line agus beag craic no dhó againn. '',

I love music.

I've tried to learn guitar and I will learn over the summer hols.

I'm in an exam year at the mo' so excuse looooooooonngggggg updates. Sorry.

I used to have a crush on Orlando Bloom (big time) I've now grown and matured and am awaiting to be swept into a frenzie of a new crush, soon.

I love Franz Ferdinand. There like the best band in the universe. I like U2, the Killers, snow patrol, RedHotChilliPeppers, Paddy Casey, the strokes, Dido, the thrills... and pop things like... well. I'm a bit ashamed to admit it but Britney, Destiny's Child, Jamelia etc..(Don't axe me... please?) but you can just ignore that now 'cos I'm really into the whole rock kind of thing now!

Television programmes... well their so addictive aren't they? I love Desperate Housewives, Doctor Who, Foot Ballers Wives,The O.C, SATC, Little Britain, Big Brother and well..neighbors. OMG I can't believe I just admitted I like neighbors. I used to love Buffy and Angel. I was quite the friends fan too.

I love going to the cinema! I love Love Actually, POTC, Dirty Dancing, Shrek, Bridget Jones 1 2 and well bascically all romantic comedies. Oh I loved 10 things I hate about you.

Hmmm well I love reading too. I'm an avid fan of all the gossip girl novels. I love Harry Potter. I'll read almost anything really... infact I must give the Divinci Code a try.

Chocolate is my God.

I tend to use the Lord's name in vain quite often but Jesus 'sher I'm Irish. For God's sake it's like a bloody gene.

I love me. Did I mention I'm quite sarcastic. Some people even find me quite funny... the lunatics! Much loved lunatics, I might add.

I'm quite passionate about my homeland. I lurve Ireland. Tá grá agam le Eire.

I love skiing. I've only been twice but I'm totally hooked. Austria was the first year and this year was sooo fab. I was in Italy. If you are italian, I love you. They are the sweetest people ever. Oh and did I mention my ski-instructor was drop dead gorgeous.

I'm a student of amature drama. Part time any way. Although I spend most of the class skitting laughing at the rest of my classmates. They are the most hilarious bunch. Two fellas do the funniest sketches in the world about these two gay hairdressers namedRahoul and ammmm I forget but it's absolutely pants wetting hysterically hilarious.

I love Graham Norton. He's fantabulous. Dara O'brien is a great comedian too and I'm quite partial to the odd bit of Johnathon Ross.

I love the couple Ron and Hermione. I like Draco and Ginny too if it's written well. I don't like Harry and Ginny to be honest but for my story at the moment.. it works.

I have a new fandom. Doctor who and the Rose/nine ship!

Oh and well from an early age I've always loved writting. Purely for fun really and my Mam and Dad's worship when I was eight or nine. I love compliments.

Ah ta-hee ta-ha to Blarney is my favorite saying when I'm giddy, along with "Jesus" and "for God's sake." when I'm in any mood at all really.

God, it's been a long time since I updated this...I have reviewers now! Woohooo!

With Love and Hugs...

Sinéad (pronounced Shin-ade for you non Sinéad knowers)



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