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Name: Kit Saeda
Description: Caucasian female. Brownish red hair, green eyes, pale skin. Casual fashion sense; glasses, no contacts.
Transferred from: Boston Hospital, Massachusetts, USA
Affliction: Unnatural attraction to a television show
Time of Death: 24:50

Recent Story Ideas
--Some sort of crossover with The 4400. I can already envision what could happen, it would be insanely fun to do, but I want to finish up watching the newest season of The 4400 before I launch myself into that. Arm myself with knowledge.
--A various reunions series between Rose and the Doctor. I have several ideas for reunions that I can\'t work into a story, so I figure they could all be little one shot things.
--Musically inspired series. Basically stories loosely wrapped around various different songs. You\'ve seen it before. I, however, have a bit of a twisted mind, so naturally they\'ll be a tad different.
--Heroes crossover. I\'m not giving too much away on this one, as it\'s pretty much confirmed to be on its way.

Story Updates
2.17.08; It\'s been forever since I\'ve updated. And if you took the time to check here, I\'m really sorry. There\'s been a lot of stuff going on that I really can\'t talk about on here. Hopefully I\'ll be back on my feet and writing sooner rather than later, hang in there, and I\'ll get back to you soon.
1.6.08; Whoa. ...o.o I just looked at my chapter views. And you know what? A Fallen Starr\'s first chapter has had 2400 page views. On the dot. My head is a little confused now, so I\'m just going to hobble around in a daze for a few hours. Don\'t wait up. (Alright, quiet. It\'s a big milestone for me. The most people that have ever briefly seen my stories before are, oh, let\'s say... ten.)
1.5.08; Happy new year! Took me a while to realize it was \'08, right there. o.o Anyways. I went through and deleted two stories that I don\'t think I\'m going to finish: On Her Own and What The Doctor Forgot To Mention About TARDIS Travel (Whoa, long title.) Someday, when I have more time on my hands, I may go back and completely rewrite one or both stories. I just didn\'t think it was fair for people to read through, realize it wasn\'t finish, and cuss angrily at their monitor. (Who\'m I kidding.) So, my apologies, and hopefully one day we\'ll see their return in a more fashionable way.
12.15.07; A Fallen Starr has finally been updated! I have plotted out the rest of the story chapters, written a few into the future, and have adopted a posting schedule -- every other day. I\'m extremely excited about this, since I hate making excuses for myself, and now here I am, finally making something of it! I\'m allowed to be just a little proud of myself, even if it took so long... right? xD
12.04.07; Hey guys! I\'m back! I sort of finished my intense NaNoWriMo -- It doesn\'t have 50k words, but it\'s the farthest I\'ve ever gotten (Only a few thousand away! Whoo!) and I\'m pleased. Anyway, I\'ve decided to delay posting up A Fallen Starr for now. Why? Because I have a few chapters written in advanced now, and I want to finish it up before I post so I can get a regular update schedule. I feel like it\'d be better to delay updating even more than to update again once then leave you hanging again.
11.06.07; It\'s been excuse after excuse after excuse for me. I give you my sincerest apologies. Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo? For those who don\'t know, that stands for National Novel Writing Month. It\'s basically a crazy month that involves attempting to write a 50k word novel in 30 days. It snuck up on my and whacked me over the head, so that\'s where most of my creativity has gone nowadays. I\'ll update as often as I can, but I can\'t give any promises anymore. Love you guys.
10.29.07; A Fallen Starr is completely lacking updates at the moment. I apologize completely for that -- my brain kind of lilts sideways whenever I try to write this next chapter. It\'ll be up sometime this week -- hopefully sooner than later.
10.22.07; Okay, yeah, lack of updates for a while. Sorry. It turns out that when I made my account, I actually typo\'d my password... Well, needless to say, I managed to figure that out, get back in, fix it, and now everything\'s well and good again! A Fallen Starr has been updated, as well.


A Fallen Starr by Kit Saeda [Reviews - 57]
She made him up as a kid. Now he's real. But that's only the beginning of the problem.

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Nothing Is Ever Completely Fixed, Is It? by Kit Saeda [Reviews - 3]
Rassilon, this was so not happening.

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When he told Rose to find something to do, the Doctor had no idea what he was getting himself into.

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