placidblue (Jonathan)

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Long term fan. Doctor Who and the Beatles are amongst my earliest memories!
Always wanted to write but found myself too busy with work Then, it was having fun/having a family. Sometimes both at the same time.
As it turns out, though, life can be shorter than you think. In October 2018, i was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. (You can read about that here, if you're so inclined: But after two major ops and a lot of chemo, I'm still around and have just had my third clear scan. Maybe I might stick around a bit longer. I certainly shan't put off doing the things I want to anymore - and all you budding writers shouldn't, either.
Hopefully, someone might enjoy my efforts; that'd be fantastic.


Interference Pattern by placidblue [Reviews - 0]
The Seventh Doctor travels back in time to prevent the suicide of a young physicist. After a series of adventures together, he finds that his new companion has an agenda of her own...

Characters: None


Interference Pattern by placidblue [Reviews - 0]
The Doctor, witnessing the suicide of a young physicist, travels backwards in time to prevent it. After a series of adventures, he discovers that she has her own agenda...

Characters: Unspecified Companion
Series: None

  • Published: 2020.01.05
  • Updated: 2020.01.05
  • Chapters: 9
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 17076