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Takhys is a semi-starving, permanent student who is madly in mind-lust with Stephen Fry.

After finishing a BA in Political Science and Classical Studies, she\'s planning to head to Ottawa for a Master\'s in Late Antiquity studies. She is an avid, voracious reader of just about anything that holds still: literature, fic, and cereal boxes.

Movies, particularly 1950\'s musicals and heist pictures, are another love and she has spent the last year working for an independent video rental store that specializes in strange, foreign and hard to find movies. If you liked \'Wild Zero\' and want to know about other Japanese zombie movies with good dance numbers, she\'s the gal to ask. (*psst* The answer is Takashi Miike\'s comedy/horror flick \'Katakuri-ke no k├┤fuku\', otherwise known as \'Happiness of the Katakuris\'.)

One day she hopes to own a diamond encrusted rocket pony.


Dearest T.S. Eliot, You Got It Wrong. It's Both. Love, Captain Jack Harkness. by Takhys [Reviews - 1]
While the BDO (Big Dumb Object) charges, Jack has an epiphany -- which may or may not have been brought on by gayon radiation.

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  • Published: 2007.06.24
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  • Word count: 555