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Writer for Doctor who fan audio drama series Tales of a Timelord. I'll be uploading transcripts of our episodes along with links to the audio version. Giant fan of all things Doctor Who, and will talk about any aspect of the show for hours at the slightest provocation.

Seven is my favourite.


Tales of a Timelord by R R Molyneux [Reviews - 0]
Tales Of A Timelord takes its listeners on a journey through a brand new companion’s eyes with a the Doctor somewhere near his 20th regeneration. CREDITS Written by R. R. Molyneux Directed and soundscaped by Invokal Ink STARRING Invokal as The Doctor and Hattie Snooks as Maria Swift ALSO STARRING Lucy Jones, Philippa Hammond, Jimmy Dean, Katharine D’Almaine, Mark Culmer, Alex Lynch, Alex Watts, Justin Hayward Theme music by Merlin

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