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For all of you people wondering about my name, here is a somwhat lame joke:

Why was David Tennant afraid of Sylvester McCoy?
Because Seven Ate (Eight) Nine.

Yay, now we can proceed.

I am American, so I haven\'t seen the third season yet. Pity me.

My hobbie include drawing, reading, zoning out in front of the TV (Usually when Doctor Who is on.), and knitting...

The first time I saw Doctor Who was bits and peices of \'Rose\', because I was also watching another show. When the re-run came on, I was in awe. I watched every time an episode came on after that, and have woken up earlier than I should to see the marathons Sci-Fi sometimes shows early in the morn\'. So, I am now pretty much obsessed, though my twin sister is probably the BIGGEST fan currently residing in the US.

You know how obsessed I am? For my last birthday, I had a Doctor Who themed birthday party, complete with a TARDIS made from a refridgerator box, and a Dalek made from an old garbage can. (We named the Dalek \'Fluffy\'.)

I have to say, there is a tie between Christopher Eccleston, and Sylvester McCoy as my favorite Doctors.
I have a feeling 12 will be my favorite. Just a feeling though.

I have developing crushs on Nine and The Editor, but a very well-developed crush on Mickey Smith.
He adorable, and you know it.



Dear Diary...Love, Doctor. by SevenAteNine [Reviews - 0]
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