Ivriniel (Kari Snyder)

Member since: 2007.03.16

Long time Doctor Who fan, starting with Peter Davidson\'s run on TVOntario. Later saw First through Third Doctors on PBS. Oddly enough, I\'ve never seen anything more than snippets of the Fourth Doctor.

The only thing I know about the 8th Doctor comes for the BBC Webcast of Shada. The movie was not picked up by a Canadian broadcaster, and I didn\'t get FOX in 1996. :(

Been watching the new series, and am waiting with baited breath for Series 3 to begin on the CBC in June. Curious to see Torchwood in the Fall, too.

I have not read any of the books that came out while the show was on hiatus with the exception of Lungbarrow, which I HATED. So anything I may write will completely ignore it.

I was born in 1973, and am currently 33 years old.