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Hello out there in tv land.

I\'m Johnson, first name, no really I swear. I\'ve been a fan of Doctor Who since I was about ten years old and went to junior high and therefore did not let ANYONE know my name was Johnson for fear of the terrible, terrible jokes it would bring.

I started writing at the age of six, and after nineteen years of it I dare say I\'ve almost got the hang of it. Dr. Who is the only fanfic I\'ve ever bothered with; other than this, I write my own stuff thank you very much, and quite a lot of it can be found scattered across the internet and even for sale by such fine moneygrubbers as, Barnes and Noble, etc.

My favorite band is Pulp, and everyone I meet is eventually subjected to the combined Pulp/Doctor Who test.

And that just about sums me right up. In much the same way that the Doctor is summed right up by the phrase \"Time Lord.\"

Love and muffins, kiddos.


"And There Was a War in Heaven" by Modayode [Reviews - 1]
The story of the Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords of Gallifrey.

  • Eighth Doctor, Multi-Era
  • None
  • Action/Adventure, Character Study, Drama, Introspection, Missing Scene, Series

Characters: None


Rogues Gallery by Modayode [Reviews - 3]
Someone has changed Gallifrey's past; some minor event has been altered, added, or taken away. The Time Lords have detected the interference, but not in time to identify it. Lord President Romanadvoratrelundar summons a misfit group of Gallifrey's less favored children -- the 8th Doctor among them -- to investigate the source and nature of the interference before the ripples it causes bring the Time Lords to their knees!

Characters: Compassion, Compassion, Original Companion, Original Companion, Romana III, Romana III, The Meddling Monk, The Rani
Series: "And There Was a War in Heaven"

  • Published: 2008.09.12
  • Updated: 2008.10.02
  • Chapters: 9
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 15343

The Cult of Skaro by Modayode [Reviews - 3]
Origins of the Cult of Skaro, and a prologue to my series on the Last Great Time War.

  • Other Era
  • All Ages
  • None
  • Drama, Introspection, Missing Scene

Characters: The Daleks
Series: "And There Was a War in Heaven"

  • Published: 2008.09.04
  • Updated: 2008.09.10
  • Chapters: 3
  • Completed: Yes
  • Word count: 5592

The Great Library by Modayode [Reviews - 4]
The Second Doctor is sent to Andromeda by the Central Intervention Agency to investigate intrusions into the Matrix. However, the Lord High Interventionist has already instituted his "Ravolox" strategem to destroy both Earth and Andromeda. Knowing the Doctor would interfere with this plan, the CIA has sent the Doctor and Jamie to Andromeda to die!

Characters: Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Other Character(s), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (3rd), The Doctor (3rd)
Series: None

  • Published: 2006.09.01
  • Updated: 2007.04.04
  • Chapters: 6
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 9404