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I have had an extremely hard time reading since middle school. I also joke around and say my reading level peaked in 5th grade just to hide my insecurities. I wasnt told i had a reading disorder until 12th grade, and having just graduated college, I finally am starting to get my severe ADD under control. My mind moves faster than my mouth and these thoughts are as fleeting as the run through my head, so communicating, especially when i get excited has been getting increasingly difficult over rhe years. I guess what Im saying is that I never thought Id be reading. Im even saving words i dont know and looking them up finally trying to pick up my vocabualry. I listen to books, but reading has always been impossible. But in the last 2 months I found this site and its changed my life. Now it isnt a surprise to spend all afternoon reading and still craving more. I was embarrassed because of the fan fiction name negative connotations. But i have come to be in love and proud of it and how far i have come. To all of the fellow readers and mostly the writers. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO!