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Hello everyone !



Welcome !

Hey Guys !

I mostly write Doctor Who fics, because I'm HUGE fan of this TV Show. But I still can post others stories from others Tv Shows or Movies (Like LOTR, The Hobbit, whatever, we'll never know. )

I'm a Rose/10 shipper, but I also love OC/Doctors. Love Russel.T Davies. Don't like Moffat, but I like 11/Amy/Rory, it was a great trio. And I have also seen a little bit of the Classics, not so much though.

My favorites pairings/ships :

Doctor Who : 10/Rose; 9/Rose; 11/Rose; 9,10,11/OC; Amy/Rory; Jack/Rose (Friends); Rose/Master (Yeah, I know); Clara/Master.

Torchwood : Jack/Ianto ; Owen/Gwen ; Jack/Gwen

My favorites singers/bands :

I am very eclectic when it comes to music. I literally listen to pretty much every kind of music (well except techno though! ). I listen almost everything : country, rock, jazz, soul, r&b, gospel, pop, etc... i could go on and on! It just depends on my mood. :)

My favorites actors /actresses :

David Tennant; Billie Piper; John Noble; Bill Muray; Sandra Bullock; Benedict Cumberbatch; Martin Freeman; Christopher Eccleston; Matt Smith; John Barrowman; All the actors from Friends, All the actors from Fringe.

My favorites TV Shows :

Doctor Who (no, really?); Torchwood, Fringe, Friends, Sherlock; Broadchurch; Lost; X-Files; The Murdoch Mysteries; Sleepy Hollow; Castle; The Walking Dead; Gracepoint; Orange is the new Black, Breaking Bad; Arrow; Once Upon A Time; The Simpsons; Psych; The Big Bang Theory; Being Human (UK version); Robin Hood; Grey's Anatomy; Dr House; Scrubs; Elementary

My favorites movies:

The Lord of the Rings; The Hobbit; Harry Potter and ... so much more.