AFJ Kernow (Tony)

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A Dr. Who fanatic from the age of ten, I lived through the end of the classic era and so have a soft spot for Drs. McCoy and C. Baker as I feel they were badly served on television.
Thank goodness for Big Finish!
The 'wilderness years' introduced me to original Dr. Who fiction. My favourites being Human Nature, Father Time and Lungbarrow.
I was surprised and delighted when Who returned from the wilderness. I have many happy memories of the NuWho years, particularly Tennant and Tate's wonderful Series 4 and the enjoyable Series 10 with the brilliant TARDIS crew of Capaldi, Mackie and Lucas.
I am a very laid back fan these days; just happy to see Dr. Who where it belongs on Saturday evenings.
I hope to have a go at writing for my favourite universe soon.


Amazing Tales of Margaret. by AFJ Kernow [Reviews - 0]
The Sixth Doctor meets a rather prickly character called Margaret Fieldhouse. She has an inflexible position on what's right and wrong. Her first adventure with the Doctor will totally explode everything she knows about the universe. How will she react? Can the Doctor help her change her point of view and will she listen?

  • Sixth Doctor
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  • Action/Adventure, Character Study, General, Humor

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