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So I\'m a Whovian, (big surprise,) and I love to write. Pretty good too, if I do say so myself.
I love all the Doctors equally, so expect to see a lot of each eventually.
I ship the Doctor and Rose, because I think that he was in love with her.
I love most of the companions, so expect to see a lot of most.
I love to laugh, and I love to cry. I want to be moved by what I read, and not in a sappy way. I want a real story, with people that are so real and so alive, you half expect them to jump out of the words and smile at you.
So I promise that my fiction will always be true to the characters, to the story, and that I will endeavor to create stories that you love as much as I do.
I\'m working on a few fan fictions right now and I\'m in school. So you can imagine my schedule. While I might have to leave stories lie for a while, I will never abandon a project.
So, to the ones who stayed with me long enough to get to the end, this is my promise as a writer.
This is me.