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Hi there. Thanks for stopping by. :-)

One of my favorite things about Doctor Who is all of the rich, amazing connections between the characters, and I love exploring those. Most of my fics could potentially be missing scenes, and fit into the canon without disrupting time lines too much. When I say \"canon\" I\'m including Classic Who, the current series, Torchwood, and Big Finish... because it\'s a big, awesome, gorgeous fandom out there and I don\'t believe in restricting myself to just a few seasons.

I have an account over on ff.net, but as I\'ve been writing almost exclusively for Doctor Who these days, it made sense for me to set up shop over here, where there are a few more Classic Who fans around, to appreciate my more esoteric stories.

I\'d love to hear from folks, via message or review. It\'s always fabulous to meet people who are as into Doctor Who as I am!

You can find me on Tumblr as OrchisAilsa, as well.

xxo --OA
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Stories by OrchisAilsa [6] Favorite Stories and Series [10] Favorite Authors [1]
A Few Stolen Hours by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 12]
Set between The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen. The Doctor and River, weary from their ordeal in New York, visit London for some comfort food and unexpectedly encounter one Miss Rose Tyler. A study on healing, loss, and these women who devoted their lives to loving the Doctor. This is an Eleven/Rose story, with River/Eleven referenced occasionally throughout.
Multi-Era, Eleventh Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Angst, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (11th), The Doctor (11th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.12.03 - Updated: 2014.12.08 - Chapters: 4 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 8527

Borrowed Time by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 32]
Using the dimension cannon, Rose has finally made it back from Pete's World, but she has still not quite reached her destination. The Doctor she finds is younger, lighter somehow, and has absolutely no idea who she is. Together they work to get her back where she needs to be, and along the way they manage to fall for each other yet again... or for the first time.
Eighth Doctor, Multi-Era - Adult - Explicit Sex - Het, Missing Scene, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (8th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.12.03 - Updated: 2014.12.15 - Chapters: 6 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 13667

Helping Hands by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 5]
Ten is healing Rose's injured leg, and she finds herself in quite a predicament. A "how it could have happened" story, involving a sexy first or two for this star-crossed pair. Set mid-Series 2, sometime before The Impossible Planet (but it doesn't reference any episodes).
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Swearing - Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.07.21 - Updated: 2014.07.21 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 4649

Intermezzo by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 1]
An 8/Charley "missing scene" story which begins between Scherzo and The Creed of the Kromon. Newly arrived in a foreign universe, the Doctor and Charley work through the emotional fallout of their recent experiences. Drawn to each other as much as they are lost together, they explore the chemistry between them, which is both exciting and comforting in this uncertain alien world.
Eighth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene, Romance
Characters: Charley Pollard
Series: None
Published: 2014.09.27 - Updated: 2014.11.07 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 12089

Just Tonight by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 0]
Missing scene from "The Sound of Drums." Martha gets an earful and then an eyeful as she witnesses the Doctor and Jack in a heated confrontation.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Swearing - Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Missing Scene, Slash, Standalone
Characters: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.09.27 - Updated: 2014.09.27 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 4342

Re-Entry by OrchisAilsa [Reviews - 2]
For Ian and Barbara, adjusting to life after the Doctor is proving to be very difficult indeed, until some unexpected help arrives in the form of a dashing young Captain. A Classic Who fic with a dash of Torchwood for flavor... rated M for Barbara finally taking matters with Ian into her own hands.
First Doctor, Torchwood - Adult - Explicit Sex - Angst, Character Study, Romance, Standalone
Characters: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton, Jack Harkness
Series: None
Published: 2014.07.19 - Updated: 2014.07.19 - Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 2940

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