A Tardis in Turkey (Hannah)

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Hi there! I\'m Australian, became a whovian about a year ago and my favorite doctor is Nine. I adore Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant (who I once sat next to on a plane and merely said \"aren\'t you that guy from Harry Potter?\" and proceeded to then chat to him about the movie without really recognizing that I was sitting next to DAVID TENINCH), Billie Piper, Matt Smith and a host of other actors that continue to provide me with endless joy and imaginative stimulation. But I digress. I ship the Doctor/Rose, as in any regeneration with Rose Marion Tyler in any way shape and form be it cross species or inter-species. My favorites are of course really Nine, Ten and Tentoo (if I really like the fanfic) with our illustrious Rose but I\'m often in for her with other David Tennant Characters such as Alec Hardy or Peter Carlisle and many more.
Anyway, after all that the only other important details is that I\'m new to WRITING fanfic, which I\'ll soon be giving a shot, but I\'m not new to reading it. I\'ve been enjoying that for about 7 years now and oh do I love it! Also that I\'m at University and oh! I\'m female! yes that\'s rather vital isn\'t it, whoops. Anyway so I\'ve written a rather embarrassing amount so if someone does ever get this far I apologize deeply and would ask if you could perhaps send me a message to let me know? I would like to thank you personally for reading all my twaddle :)