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My favorite Doctors are 10 & 11, but I like the other ones. I am a SuperWhovian and I mainly write dark fics, but I have some light ones, don\'t worry XD!


Dark by KarrineGenesis [Reviews - 0]
All of my dark, horror filled fics, which include sad, tragedies, non con, torture, and suicidal stuff.

  • Multi-Era
  • Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Non-Con, Swearing
  • Angst, Drama, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mixed

Characters: None


Leave Me Be by KarrineGenesis [Reviews - 0]
The 10th Doctor thought he had understood. Understood the Master, Pain, her.... The girl that kept appearing... He'd seen her before, but now she was there more and more frequently. Ever since The Year That Never Was. Ever since the Master had done.... THINGS, to him. Things the Doctor never wanted to think or talk about again. But she kept reminding him. And so would something (or someone) else. MPREG.

  • Tenth Doctor
  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Non-Con, Swearing
  • Angst, Drama, General, Hurt/Comfort

Characters: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Original Companion, The Doctor (10th), The Master (Simm), The TARDIS, Torchwood
Series: Dark

  • Published: 2013.12.29
  • Updated: 2013.12.31
  • Chapters: 2
  • Completed: No
  • Word count: 580