love_like_cyanide (Amy)

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i am a huge doctor who fan. and i absolutely love David Tennant and Billie Piper ( *cries* because Billie is no longer in doctor who )
i love music and talking and food.... especially cheescake ( by the way people LOST season three, skate = there will be cheesecake! fellow skaters know what i\'m talking about!)
i love my chemical romance, the used, queen , duran duran , nirvana , marilyn manson , green day , good charlotte , simple plan , taking back sunday , sia , barlow girl , the killers , so on and so forth. i love 80\'s music and movies and television shows such as the breakfast club , st elmo\'s fire, ect ect and 21 Jump street, blah blah blah i think you all get the point so i\'ll stop rambling now and i\'m sorry for wasting your time
p.s doctor who is love