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Stetsonfreak is a nod to my first love, Scarecrow & Mrs. King (not Doctor 11). Doctors 9 & 10 are tied for first place, then it\'s #4. Although, I\'m finding, in my discovery of Classic Who, that I love all the Doctors 1 through 6. 6 did start out a bit wild/out of control for my taste, but I\'m beginning to really dig him. ;) I don\'t know 7 yet (but hope to) and I liked 8 in the movie. I\'ve been trying to like 11, but so far, he\'s too much out of character for the Doctor. However, in my opinion I think that\'s Moffat\'s fault (really do NOT care for his writing any more) & not Matt Smith. I do, however, dig Peter Capaldi. Still not Moffat, though.

I really love RTD\'s era. I am finding that I am not a fan of the Moffat era. I do like some of his work and he does seem to write more like Classic Who at times, but I do miss the character development that RTD had. I just feel that Moffat\'s influence of taking over the show made series 4 feel rushed, all wrapped up and \"fixed\" so that he could start over and do it his way. And after seeing the 50th, I\'m convinced that\'s exactly what he did by changing the entire story arc of series 1-4. Not that I don\'t LOVE that the Time Lords could be back, I just don\'t like the underhanded way Moffat went about doing it. Just my opinion, though, so please don\'t be offended. I\'ve been really trying to like series 5-7, but so far it feels like Moffat\'s trying too hard to get me to like the Doctor, let alone love him. He doesn\'t need to do that... I already love the Doctor! LOL

I also love doing graphics (being a graphic designer by trade) and tried my hand at one recently for a story by LostinWho. Here\'s a link to the graphic on my tumblr site. And please, check out her amazing story!