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I\'m a forty-something... (Actually, I\'m just four months younger than our lovely Mr. David Tennant almost to the day, you can do the math.***) ...English teacher and back in school to finish my Ph.D so I can move to teaching at the university level and online/distance education. My very poor health and physical disabilities and limitations have made it so I can\'t teach in a brick and mortar setting anymore.

I\'m a published author of science fiction and fantasy novels and a former comic book writer and artist as well.

I\'m a rather huge fan of the genre and been a Whovian since the 1970s (Tom Baker was my first Doctor).

I\'m just here to read and escape when my own schooling feels like my brain is leaking from my ears and I need a break.

Thank you to all the fic writers for helping me retain my sanity.

*** My hubby shares a Birthday with John Barrowman to the very day and year, as well as also being born Scottish (with Dual Citizenship. His name is also John.) But the roles are reversed even if our birthday\'s coincide. I\'m the crazy gregarious American bisexual who grew up just outside of Joliet, IL (really, I\'m not kidding, Steger, IL just a quick few minutes away) with a knack of being in trouble for all the right reasons (depending on your code of morals) and the Hubby is the tall scrawny man (with GREAT HAIR) who is utterly brilliant, smart, babbling and muttering frequently, often quite rude without meaning to be and he really is a Doctor and a Laird of some very remote land in Scotland with a very rundown decrepit ancestral castle upon it. It takes some real hiking to get to it, it\'s just his family history and a bit of a big ruin, but the title belongs with the land he owns.

So Real life Hubby: A Lord (Laird) and a Doctor
Me: Totally Bonkers, with pretty much the same haircut, been a lady with a male-style \"Harkness\" haircut for decades now, much easier to take care of, with really great teeth. (Hubs is a dentist and we own a dental laboratory. He\'s been a bit of a mad scientist with my teeth, I\'m usually his guinea pig for new things coming out of his lab. Nevertheless, I have pearlies and they are quite sparkling bright. Bless him.)

It\'s not Science Fiction but I love coincidence, even if the The Doctor and MY Doctor deny it. *wink*

At least we both love Doctor Who!