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I\'m a pretty big Rose/Doctor shipper - the whole Bad Wolf aspect there is just too awesome. That said, I like River - I just don\'t like her romance with the Doctor. I\'m also find of the Metacrisis. Really, I\'m not sure how else Rose and the Doctor could be together and still leave the show intact. The show has to move on and have room to grow, and that couldn\'t happen with Rose as a permanent fixture. Doesn\'t mean my shipper\'s heart doesn\'t wish it was still Rose Tyler and the Doctor in the TARDIS... Hooray for fanfic!

About the real me... I live in Wisconsin and I\'m a graduate student in electrical engineering (PhD, not Masters). I barely have time to breathe, so I don\'t think I\'ll be writing much. Mainly I wanted an account in order to beta and review, since there are some great stories on this site.